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Where to Buy a Bread Making Machine

If you’re like me, then you absolutely love fresh, homemade bread. Homemade bread is a delicious treat for my whole family and it gives me peace of mind because I know and trust every ingredient that goes in it. However, if you’ve ever tried making bread from scratch, you know that it’s not the easiest process in the world.

There’s the constant kneading, measuring out ingredients, knowing how long to let the dough rise, and many more responsibilities that make break-making a difficult task. Luckily, there are bread maker machines out there that help automate some of the more time consuming parts of making bread.

Bread making machines are wonderful tools that not only speed up the process of making bread, but also ensure to deliver delicious, wholesome bread for the whole family. Many bread making machines let you simply add the needed ingredients and the machine takes care of the rest, letting you spend time on other important tasks.

This is especially important for me with my ever-busy lifestyle. Having homemade bread ready for my family is a special treat that’s fast and simple for me.

Buying a bread making machine doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are many different places that offer qualify bread making machines. When doing research, it’s a good idea to check the web for different reviews and ratings of bread makers.

Using reviews is a good way to see how other people rated the machine in question and it will give you a good idea of whether or not the machine is a quality bread maker. Once you’ve found the type of bread maker that you want to purchase, it’s time to take a look around and find the best price.

Though the Internet is a great place to price bread making machines, be sure to check out local retail stores as well. Many times, retail stores will match the prices of their online competitors. This is especially convenient because you get to pay the same price that you would have paid on the Internet and you will be able to take your bread making machine home with you that very day.

When buying a bread machine, make sure you look at all of the features and warranties that come along with the machine. Though these types of machines rarely have any type of problems, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that the machine will be repaired or replaced if anything goes wrong. Wherever you purchase your machine, you’ll be happy with your new-found love of bread making.

Your new bread making machine will make it fun and easy to bake delicious bread for you and your family to enjoy.

Editor Note: We like to thank for this buyers guide!

I’ve Had an Epiphany; I Want an Epiphone!

They aren’t Yamaha, but if there were a “runner up” for the most influential brand of electric guitars in North America – and perhaps in the world – today, it would be Epiphone. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee – one of the major centers of the music scene in America today – Epiphone is a major producer of electric and acoustic-electric guitars, known the world over for the quality of their work. Epiphone guitars have wounds up in the hands of performers such as Rhett Atkins, Alondra, Paul Brandt, Wayne Avers of The Monkees, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, and Antsy of Trailer Park Troubadors.

Epiphone guitar reviews praise the melodic sounds of each instrument. What they don’t necessarily do, and certainly not on an individual basis, is tell you which Epiphone guitar is best for you as a beginner… or as an experienced player, looking to try something new. Or as a former Epiphone guitar owner, looking for your next instrument – whether to replace your primary, or just to add a new item to your collection. Epiphone has been manufacturing fine guitars since the late nineteenth century; owning an Epiphone is definitely the mark of a certain kind of prestige, like you’ve suddenly found a place in music history.

The following list includes three Epiphone electric and electric-acoustic guitars. We browsed a few prominently placed affiliate reviews, as well as the accounts of former buyers – all of it content from high-traffic websites, sites which get a lot of attention and evidently have a certain following. We then took that information, and boiled it down, picking out the three instruments which seemed to have received the most positive – and the most consistently positive – feedback.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

This, by general consensus of trending Epiphone guitar reviews, appears to be the go-to choice for a “starter guitar” from Epiphone. It has a Mahogany body, with a maple top and a rosewood fretboard. The overall effect? Dark, with a streak or two of brightness – like a flash of energy or inspiration, from within a moodier and more contemplative sound. There is a deep, almost wholesome richness to the music you can make with this guitar – it isn’t inherently “dark” in the negative sense of the word. If you’re visually inspired to create art, this might just be the Epiphone guitar for you – whatever your level of experience. The fretboard offers a 24.75 scale. The guitar also comes with Alnico Classic Humbucker pickups. Overall, it’s a great piece to pick up by way of strumming out your first few chords in accordance with those instructional videos you found on YouTube.

Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar

This baby is cherry (no, I mean literally; it’s cherry-red). The body, top, and sides are all made of laminated maple, while the neck is a rich, dark mahogany… like the stem of a cherry. They really do go all the way with that particular theme… but y’know, it works! It’s flashy, shiny, and definitely draws the eye away from other elements of one’s surroundings. It looks and feels like something special when you’re holding it. It adds an air of sophistication to any musician’s profile. This shiny piece features a lot of chrome, especially in the binding; it comes with two Alnico V P-90 pickups, and its rosewood frets offer a 22.75 ratio.

Epiphone Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This Epiphone Acoustic Electric Guitar was inspired by the 1964 Texan acoustic, and it remains true to the potential of its forebear while at the same time offering the uniqueness of an acoustic-electric hybrid. It features a solid spruce top, and solid mahogany back, which combine to deliver to a deliver a full, rich tone. The guitar’s neck is made of a single piece of mahogany, secured by a glued joint and incorporating a rosewood fretboard. The guitar is faithful to the appearance of a traditional Texan acoustic, and according to multiple online reviewers it offers “a lot of bang for its buck,” generally being deemed at once affordable and to have a great feel to its handling.

For Perky Parrot Real Estate, Look No Further

There are lots of places online where you can find stylish and affordable parrot cages for sale. Parrot cages can be found new, used, or even refurbished, available from specialty retailers and general marketplaces alike – Amazon itself does a brisk trade in parrot cages and related accessories. Costs aside, of course, you want to know what it is that you’re getting into; what is honestly the best cage for your particular feathered friend?

There are a lot of blogs, forums, and other websites concerned with parrot ownership in the US. We scoped out all of them, by which we mean “the ones that appeared on the front page of four different optimized searches,” because that’s what it’s all about, right? Right. So, we spent the day looking over these websites, and we put together a small list for your benefit. That’s right. That research? It’s on us, bro.

Whether you need a new cage for an old bird, or an old cage for a new bird, or a fancy cage for a middle-aged bird that’s going through some sort of crisis (better than an unexpected sports car sitting in the driveway… right?) you’re going to want to find something well-suited to your particular “intended.” So, give the following list of four items a perusal… and, as always, let us know what you think about our choices!

YML Tall Round 4-Perch Bird Cage with Stand

This is a four-feeder cage, meaning that it’s capable of maintaining four birds at once. The cage itself is sized for small birds, such as parakeets. It provides ample space for them to move up and down between its two separate interior perches; a standard cage would only be between one-half and two-thirds the height of this particular cage. The cage is quick and easy to assemble, and relatively painless to clean; its door opens wide, and its bottom detaches to facilitate complete access to the interior. It comes with a four-wheeled stand for mobility, in case you want to attach a motor and give your parakeets a remote-control ride they’ll never forget (please don’t do that).

Kings Cages Flat Top Aluminum Parrot Cage

This is a high-tech cage that is particular to the coming year, meaning that it involves trends which are only just cresting the horizon. Trends, such as aluminum cage construction: an aluminum cage is lighter than a steel or a wrought iron cage, and it rolls more smoothly as a result. In addition to requiring less effort to move about, this cage can safely be taken out of doors; flaking paint is no longer a concern, and the scattered dust slowly chipping away from a stainless steel powder-coated finish is likewise not a problem anymore.

Yaheetech Play Top Bird Cage

Parrots are naturally curious creatures. They enjoy exploring their surroundings, investigating new items in their cages, and climbing, crawling, and swinging from more or less anything presented to them. With that in mind, one of the popular additions to large bird cages is the outdoor “play top” area, which often includes – as this cage from Yaheetech includes – a ladder, an additional perch, and some feeding bowls. Don’t worry about the mess; unlike many large parrot cages, this particular cage features an expansive debris guard. There are also interior feeding bowls, of course – if you would rather abstain from teaching your bird to expect food up top. This cage is designed for one to two medium-sized birds, or one large bird. Due to its relatively spartan features – such as only one interior perch – we do not, despite its overall size – recommend it for larger numbers of birds, regardless of how small they may be.

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

A “flight cage” is a cage intended to allow a small community of small birds, such as between three and six individuals, plenty of room to fly around within the cage itself. This helps to keep the birds healthy and happy, as it resembles the less restrictive environs in which they evolved. There are a series of three escalating perches within the cage, which your birds can flit quickly between as they so desire. There are also four food dishes included with the cage. The bottom of the cage, and the bottom grill, both slide out to facilitate ready and immediate cleaning of your feathered friends’ debris, and there is a large “main entrance” to help grant complete and unrestricted access to the cage’s interior. If you want to keep a small cadre/company/party/entmoot of feathered companions, this would be an excellent cage to contain them… although we don’t suggest going higher than six with this cage alone. Even that’s pushing it. Four is ideal.

My Espresso isn’t Your Espresso

The holiday season is a time to reconnect. It’s a time to join with friends and family who, over the intervening year, you might not have spent as much time with as you should have. It’s a time for togetherness and its a time for thankfulness. It is also a time for parties.

The hallmark of any good holiday party isn’t the buffet, or the wet bar, or even the desserts. No, the hallmark of any holiday party is the coffee. I’ll explain. No matter how fun the party is, no matter how long it lasts, no matter the size of the bar or the quantity of the food, at some point it must come to an end.

When it comes time for the end of any holiday party coffee is key. The important reason for this is because its hopefully the last drink that someone will have for the night. As such it both helps to ground the over imbiber and it helps wake up the unenthusiastic designated driver who has been dozing on the sofa for the past two hours. That is, of course, unless you’re at the holiday party I recently found myself attending.

So this was a yearly gathering. It’s grown over the years from a small gathering of five friends from high school to a group of about thirty people. The additional people being the addition of college friends, significant others, and graduate school friends. This eclectic group likes a good party.

So, it was with no small amount of anticipation that we all got together this year for the annual party. I was particularly excited this year as I knew our host had just purchased a new espresso grinder after relying on the quality reviews on The new grinder would, undoubtedly, grind the fresh espresso beans into the perfect coarseness for the espresso machine. I’ll be honest, the espresso that this espresso machine kicked out was my personal highlight of the party.

So, as the party slowly began to draw to a close, I looked forward with an ever growing sense of anticipation for the farewell espresso from my favorite espresso machine. The buffet was put away, some of the guests had already left, the wet bar was nearly dry and it was going on towards three in the morning when the new coffee grinder finally made it’s appearance.

The espresso beans went into the grinder. The grinder was fired up and ground the beans into the pert consistency. The grounds weren’t too small, nor were they too course, it was, in other words, the perfect consistency for what was sure to be an excellent cup of espresso.

Those of us still at the party, or still standing, gathered around the espresso machine and awaited our cups of perfect coffee. The grounds were scooped out of the grinder, they were slotted into the brewer and damped down with the metal pestle.

We waited in patience as the espresso machine went to work heating the water and using pressure to force that water through the grounds as it pulled out a shot of espresso. The first shot collected into the cup below and I’ll be honest, I thought it was a little more foamy than was normal. But, since it smelled alright, I ignored the extra foam and watched as one of my friends took the first glass.

It only took a few more moments for the other shots to be pulled. Soon, the seven of us left, all held hot cups of espresso in our hands. It was, undoubtedly, sure to be an absolutely delicious cup of espresso.

We toasted the holiday season, we toasted good friends and strong traditions and we all took our first sip of what was always the highlight of the holiday party. Sadly, this year it was not.

You see, that extra bit of foam, the foam that I commented on earlier, turned out to be soap in the espresso machine. Now, soap, of course, has no business being in an espresso machine. Unfortunately, my friend’s boyfriend didn’t know that. So, before the party had started, indeed, while my friend had been out doing the last minute shopping, he had run soapy water through the espresso machine trying to clean it. And so that was that.

That espresso machine, that had helped to make so many fond memories over the past six or seven years, has sadly now been retired. Hopefully, there will be a new espresso machine next year, one that will never feel the touch of soup coursing through its important parts, one that will never taint the perfect espresso it should be producing, one that will make many more new and lasting memories.

Waffle Iron Buyers Guide (FAQ)

Foreword: Our friends from Delicious Waffle Makers asked us to publish this waffle makers buyers guide, well, I’m a fan of waffles so no problem with that, I sure hope you like it.

There are many different kinds of waffle irons available for purchase in stores. How do you know which one will be the perfect fit for you? This article will discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding waffle irons.

What Kind of Waffle Iron Should I Buy?

The number one question people ask when purchasing a waffle iron is what kind of waffle iron should I buy? There are three different kinds of waffle irons. They are Belgian, traditional and waffled pancake irons. Belgian waffles irons create thick soft waffles, with deep pockets. These kinds of waffles are best served with toppings such as fresh fruit, syrup or whipped cream. A traditional waffle iron creates thin square shaped waffles. These waffles will look similar to ready made waffles that you can purchase at a store. A waffled pancake iron just like its name suggests will create a thin pancake with a waffled texture. These kinds of waffles are great for breakfast and with toppings such as syrup and cream.

What Features Should I Look for in a Waffle Iron?

The features that you should look for in a waffle iron will depend on your taste and the waffle recipes you plan on using. If you plan on creating waffles using non traditional ingredients such as cornmeal or sweet potato then you will want to make sure the waffle iron you purchase has temperature controls. This will ensure that your waffles will be well cooked regardless of the ingredients you use in your waffle recipe. If you have small children then you should consider getting an iron with cool handle touches and insulation. This will prevent kids from getting burned if they accidentally touch the iron when it is in operation. Other features that you should take into consideration include a timer, indicator lights and a nonstick grill surface. A timer can be handy when you need to time the amount a waffle is going to be cooked. An indicator indicates that the waffle iron is ready to use and will indicate when it is heating up. A nonstick grill surface will make removing the waffles easy when they are finished cooking. Other features to consider include a removable grill surface and a drip pan. A removable grill surface will make cleaning easier, and a drip pan will catch any leaking batter from spilling on a counter top.

What Size Waffle Iron Should I Get?

If you have a large family, when you should consider getting a larger waffle iron that can create several waffles at once. While if you live alone or with a partner a one or two serving waffle iron should be more than enough. Take into consideration how much waffles you consume, and how many other people will be consuming them to make a decision on the size of the waffle maker.

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