Monthly Archive: December 2017

Does Your Website Need a Boost? Consider Adding Seasonal Content

If you want to guarantee your website or blog stays relevant all year round update it with seasonal content. Using time-sensitive and seasonal material on your site helps drive fresh traffic and create new customers. To help you better understand, here are some points outlining what seasonal content is and why it’s essential.

What Season Content Is

Essentially, seasonal content is exactly as it sounds, and shift in tone, content or appearance which reflects an upcoming event, holiday or seasonal period of the year. It’s important to add, however, that there is more to adding seasonal content than just tossing a couple of autumn leaves of your home page. Before moving forward with seasonal content, take some time to really understand how seasonal content naturally interacts with your site’s content. The key word there is natural. User’s many times search out seasonal content looking for specific items or information. If what they need applies to your industry, being as clear as possible about the seasonal connection to your product is vital.

Using Seasonal Content

If you are new to using seasonal content, it is probably best to stick with the holidays when starting out. Again, regardless of how you go, making sure the material connects to your product or brand is necessary. To guarantee your campaign is effective, plan it far ahead of time. Create a schedule centered around periods surrounding a holiday. For example, with Christmas, there is the early, main and post Christmas shopping periods. Each of these parts of the Christmas season is unique and should be reflected that way on your website’s seasonal content.

Seasonal Social Media

When considering how you are going to update the seasonal material on your website it is also important to think about your social media pages. Part of running a fluid marketing campaign these days means that your company’s social media reflects the message put out on your website. When scheduling your seasonal content, take time to thoroughly plan how it will be integrated into your social media strategy. Having seasonal material that is coming out daily is an excellent way to keep user’s engaged during the season, especially Christmas. Another great facet of creating a well designed seasonal strategy is now the work is done, and you can essentially use the same one next year.

Having a seasonal website can be a great condition to business’s marketing strategy. Click here to get help on building the perfect one for your particular needs.