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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality Headsets

First I like to admit that the timing of this post isn’t great as Christmas was last month so you won’t find a VR set under the tree anytime soon. On the other hand, a VR headset or device isn’t really something you can expect from Santa Claus as the price tag is simply too heavy so perhaps it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is accurate information when it comes to hardware, games, and headsets and that I will provide you with.

The Top 5 VR Headsets

Before we start reviewing headsets there is one important thing to keep in mind, there are headsets for all kind of devices, for example, there are headsets for the iPhone, for phones that run on Android, for the PlayStation 4, and so on. Each time I review a headset I will let you know which device it works with so that you won’t end up disappointed, and as always I will only select the ones with the best user-ratings.

Universal Virtual Reality Goggles

This one is for sale at Amazon for only 35 dollars, would you believe it, and received an average user rating of 4.5 stars from 57 people that purchased it, now that’s nothing to cry about. Do keep in mind that users often rate it based on how much they paid for it so I’m not going to say this is the best VR headset available but it definitely provides the best bang for your buck. It’s a universal model that’s both suitable for the iPhone and Android-based phones so no worries about that if you own a Samsung or a lesser known brand.

Pansonite VR with Remote Control

Yes I didn’t make any spelling mistakes here and lucky for you this one has been picked as Amazons’ choice for headsets above $50. At a price of $69,99 the Pansonite definitely won’t break the bank and with a 4.1-star rating from 123 reviewers, that means hundreds of people have bought it as not everyone leaves a review and the complainers are always the loudest you can be guaranteed that you get good value for your money. This new model is suited with 3D glasses, what else would you expect, and as said, it comes with a remote control and is suitable for the iPhone and Android smartphones as well.

Oculus Go Stand Alone

This headphone has two tags, the Oculus Go is Amazon’s Choice and it’s the Best Seller but there was another one that had both labels as well so I’m starting to get a little bit skeptic about those labels. Last year I never saw this happen but next year I expect there to be at least three bestsellers and three of Amazon’s Choices, just for the sake of it. This is a more expensive model priced at almost two hundred dollars so what do you get for that? Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics if we have to believe their description.

Although it’s a stand-alone model and they claim you don’t need to connect it to a PC, largely because of its 32 GB of storage memory you still need to connect it through their app or to your PC to download the games or videos you plan to watch so it’s not like a game console that you plug in like you’re used to with the Nintendo back in the days or the PlayStation today. The reviews aren’t bad though, 4.1 stars from hundreds of people so it’s safe to assume this Oculus won’t disappoint you and if it does there is always the option to return it if you buy it from

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

We keep on moving up in price but you get what you pay for still applies. HTC probably offers the best of all worlds with its fully immersive virtual reality system with sensors to provide a real 360-degree environment and with its Steam VR product, you can choose from over 2800 games to play which should be more than plenty for the average user. When this product launched there were quite a few complaints but with an average star rating of 4.0 from 1200+ reviewers, it appears they solved most of their startup problems already.

Samsung Gear with Controller

We’ve now discussed two very affordable ones and two that jumped quite a bit in price so the Samsung fills the gap at slightly under a hundred dollars. I had hoped to find a model with a 4.8+ average star rating but it appears that’s impossible in the world of virtual reality as this model received 3.9 stars from 400+ users. Not really something to dream about but not awfully bad either considering the still pretty low price that it’s sold for. You can load games from Oculus by connecting it to your Samsung smartphone, no support for the iPhone unfortunately but what did you expect. If iPhone launches a headphone, and maybe they did already then it won’t be suitable for the Samsung either so no surprises here.

In Conclusion

As you can see I presented you with a great variety of choices so now it comes down to your budget if you’re on a shoestring budget and you already own a Samsung smartphone then I think the Samsung Gear provides the best value for your money. However, if you have a little more to spend I would definitely go for the Oculus Go or the HTC Vive. If everything is new to you and you have no idea what to expect then just buy the $35 Universal model which is pretty much a throwaway device in case you don’t like it, or you can always gift it for a friends birthday.