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Instagram Marketing for Photographers

Photography is a career that is lucrative and well-loved by many. It is not always that you see an image that can move you and leave you in awe, but with the right camera and an inspiration, you can be the one to feed the visual tastes of the masses and make money out of it.

There is no single doubt about the fact that times have changed. A decade ago, you had to showcase your images in book albums and maybe magazines. The problem with this approach was that you had a limited reach because not everyone could access the magazines and albums to see what you could do.

Fast-forward ten years later. You can now post your images on Instagram, a visual platform that hosts hundreds of millions of visitors each month, all yearning for a new experience. What if we told you that the experience these people are looking for might be those beautiful photos you take?

But there is just a little hitch – Instagram is a visual platform. It means that everyone is posting images on daily basis. This makes it tough on you as a professional photographer.

You need tips. Not just tips but tips that can help you make money from your efforts.

Why Instagram?

Before we look at the various ways to make Instagram work for you, let us look at the reasons why you need to be on Instagram as we speak.

    • You have access to more than 800 million users each month.
    • You can access millions of users each day.
    • Companies can pay you as an influencer to promote their products.
    • It is a great place to connect with other photographers, the audience and customers.

These are just a few pointers to why Instagram is so special. So, how can you make some money on this platform?

Get Noticed

As you can see, getting noticed by millions of users can be a daunting task. The good thing is that most of these users don’t use Instagram for the purpose of promoting their photographs. A majority of the people are here to share images of their daily life with other users.

You can, therefore, get noticed if you share high-quality content. Sharing content is one of the ways to gain more followers for your Instagram page. If you are new to Instagram marketing, you might find it hard to come up with great images and the right posts to go with them. The images need to be high quality, and relevant.

As a photographer, you need to share great content rather than pictures depicting your daily life.

Get Moe Followers

You need to make use of hashtags to get followers. You can use a variety of tools for this, with most of them coming with reviews and ratings. You can also use a program that is common on the market, although The Small Business Blog doesn’t rate it.

In Closing

You can enjoy more exposure and engage your followers as a professional photographer by joining Instagram. Post high quality and relevant content to attract more followers.

The Ideal Instagram Bot replacement for Instagress

In 2017 Instagram launched multiple crackdowns on the use of automated services such as Instagram Bots. This is because Instagram states that the Bots are in breach of its terms of use.

Many Bots became shut down including Instagress which was the leading automated service on the market at the time. This affected many businesses that use Instagram for promotion and marketing purposes seeking a replacement. While there are lots of Bots on the market these people are wary of using them as they are hunting one that is reliable, efficient and safe due to fear of another crackdown.

The Instagram automation services market is still intact with many new Bots launching themselves and competing with the robust ones that survived the Instagram crackdowns.

You can find a list of Instagress alternatives on

The leading Bot on the market

FollowAdder is currently viewed as the best-automated service currently on the market. It operates exclusively on Instagram and cannot be used on other social media platforms. It is believed to be an ideal replacement for Instagress, with some users stating that it delivers more effective results and is easier to use.

It is deemed to be a safe automated service because Follow Adder actually survived the numerous Instagram crackdowns last year.

Some of its main features

It contains all of the main features that most Bots have. These are repetitive engagement features such as following relevant profiles, liking and commenting on their posts. It is actually a few extra features that it has which sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

You can sort the demographics of users you wish to interact with by creating different lists. You can create different lists based on your needs and preference.

It can operate at a slower pace than other Bots which is beneficial as it means Instagram cannot pick up the abnormal activity like other Bots that operate too fast. Follow Adder will operate at a correct speed to build your account and not get found on Instagram.

This Bot has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule multiple posts in advance. This allowance for planning ahead is a time-saving factor. This is done to make your posts look natural and avoid looking like spam which will cause Instagram to investigate your account.

One unique feature that this automated service has is the ability to auto like back which will like the posts of users who like your posts. This increases engagement with users and encourages them to follow your profile.

How much does it cost?

Follow adder has a reasonable pricing structure which offers 5 different options based on your needs. The starter option allows you to manage 1 Instagram profile and costs just $8.33 per month and on the other end of the spectrum, the Publicist option will allow you to manage 25 Instagram profiles and costs $70.33 per month. All of the options include all of the features, allow for free updates and support.

Top Things to Know Before Getting Married

Many of us consider getting married one day, sadly, 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce. Some of the divorce cases are so bitter that you won’t be willing to see your spouse again. So, before you get married and dedicate the rest of your life with someone, there are a few key things that you need to consider. Sit down and discuss these things so that they don’t come up later and spoil the union.


Do the two of you get along like you should?  Will you be able to stick to the marriage even when things get tough? Do you enjoy each other’s company so much that you would want to share the same space for years to come? These questions will guide you when making the right decision.

You Expectations

Both of you have expectations regarding the marriage and life. You need to sit down and share your expectations and find out whether your partner concurs. One of your expectations would be about a wedding. You need to be clear about whether you want a traditional wedding or a church wedding. You also need to go into detail about what you want, because this is the point when your partner agrees or disagrees.

Some of the other issues you will discuss will be the venue, the theme and other aspects of the wedding. For instance, you can check out if you seek a traditional wedding. Make sure you know what to expect when it comes to the wedding.


This is one of the most critical issues to discuss before you get married. This is because money represents the number one reason that people divorce. The both of you need to know how you are going to combine your income and share the expenses in the marriage. Both of you need to know each other’s spending habits. You also need to know how much money you have at the moment, and how you will handle savings and investments. Talk about existing debts and how you will collectively manage the obligation as a couple.


You need to talk, talk and talk some more. Communication is the secret to a happy and healthy marriage. The way you communicate before you get married will depend how you do the same when you are married. Therefore learn proper communication skills before the marriage so that you can carry the skills to your union. Never hesitate to communicate what is vital to you. Remember, in marriage there is nothing big or small for the two of you to talk about.


When you decide to get married, the next thing you will think about is starting a family. Before you get married, you and your partner ought to be on the same page about the issue of children. If you want children, how many do you want? This information ought to be out before you tie the knot. Will you adopt, or do you plan to remain childless? Do you have children from previous marriages that you will bring to the family?

Talking about these issues before you start living together will definitely give you peace of mind to stay married for longer.


You need to be open about religion and your religious beliefs. You need to determine what denominations you ascribe to and whether you will attend church as a couple. You need to consider what impact religion will have on the family and what role it will have in the upbringing of the children. If you belong to different religions, you need to know who will have to sacrifice their religious beliefs to stay on the same page.


You need to decide where you are going to stay after you get married. The aim of this is to be as close to each other as possible. The location you choose will depend on where you work and so on. Make sure you agree on who has to seek for a transfer and things like that. Both of you might decide to live in another city to make the marriage work.

In Closing

There are various issues to consider, questions to answer and things to ponder when making the decision to get married. Make sure you clear out any pending issues before you make the final decision.

Best Dryers For Curly Hair

Top 5 Best Dryers For Curly Hair Worth Spending Your Money On

It’s a fact that curly hair style has indisputably remained as one of the long trending styles in the beauty industry. But explaining to people with straight or wavy hair how to manage a massive mane of their curl is one thing that I have found hard to do. If the curly mane is not properly controlled, I know how easy it’s for it to get out of control. A lot of expertise, power and the precise amount of heat are required to set the curls without turning your hair ugly.Organizing big curls or take them out is not an easy task at all. There is a science behind it that you need to understand. You require a precise amount of power, heat and specific materials that are known to work the best. Time is also a crucial factor to be considered. I know very well that draining water out of the curls is one of the difficult tasks to many. This is why I recommend the use of diffuser or the concentrator as the best way of getting water out of your curls. Do you know that using the concentrator right can turn even the curliest hair straight? It’s true. For effective drying of your curly hair, here are the five best dryers I would strongly recommend.

  • 1. Pro Babnt6610 Portofino 6600
    Pro Babnt6610 Portofino 6600The dryer is one of the BaByliss models that are making it big in this industry. What makes it unique is the fact that it’s a diffuser and at the same times a concentrator. With this dryer, you have everything that you need to maintain your curly hair without any problem. It is a very easy device to operate, and you do not need any technical knowledge to operate it. What I love most about this dryer is the fact that it makes used of ionic technology and Titanium materials to keep your mane off the frizz. It is an excellent dryer for those with big curly hair.
  • 2. Cornair Pro Styler Ionic Dryer
    Cornair Pro Styler Ionic DryerIt’s another fantastic dryer worth spending your money on. One thing I love about Pro Styler is its simplicity in design and operation. With its sleek and stylish appearance, the dryer will definitely impress you with its incredible performance. It’s rated among the fastest hair dryers we have on the market. The dryer utilized the Ionic technology that will efficiently deal with any frizz to keep your curly hair looking sexy and elegant.
  • 3. Remington AC9096 Professional Ceramic AC
    Rimini Professional Ionic
    I have never come across a silk blower before, and this is what piqued my interest on this dryer. This dryer introduces a new material into the market that’s super effective in drying curls. It’s designed with a unique and yet efficient silk material technology. The dryer gets water out of your curls faster by the use of silk without frying your ends. It is very simple in operation something that I found quite interesting since it can be used by anyone. Just follow the simple directions provided by the manufacturer and you will be good to go.
  • 4. Rimini Professional Ionic
    Remington AC9096 Professional Ceramic ACI love sampling new dryers, and this XTava models has captured my interested. I was more captivated the sleek design that the dryer has been introduced into the market with. On top of that, this device is designed to be less labor intensive and thus you can work with it for a longer time compared to others. It brings a fascinating technology that keeps the frizz out of your hair leaving it very light and sexy. It is an impressive device to have, and you will definitely enjoy its services. The Xtava model is also very simple and easy to operate, and you do not require any special training to work with it.
  • 5. Sedu Revolution TGR 4001
    Sedu Revolution TGR 4001If you are searching for a dryer that will dry you curly hair in a flash, I would recommend that you to go for Sedu TGR 4001. This dryer is designed to release a lot and yet highly controlled heat and power to dry the water from your hair in a flash. It’s very easy to operate, and you do not require any technical background to work with it. Apart from that, am really impressed by its sleek and commanding looks. This is the perfect dryer that will meet all your curly hair drying expectations.

With any of these dryers, you will definitely manage your curls in their best condition. Just used them as directed by the manufacturer and am sure that the results will be amazing.