For Perky Parrot Real Estate, Look No Further

There are lots of places online where you can find stylish and affordable parrot cages for sale. Parrot cages can be found new, used, or even refurbished, available from specialty retailers and general marketplaces alike – Amazon itself does a brisk trade in parrot cages and related accessories. Costs aside, of course, you want to know what it is that you’re getting into; what is honestly the best cage for your particular feathered friend?

There are a lot of blogs, forums, and other websites concerned with parrot ownership in the US. We scoped out all of them, by which we mean “the ones that appeared on the front page of four different optimized searches,” because that’s what it’s all about, right? Right. So, we spent the day looking over these websites, and we put together a small list for your benefit. That’s right. That research? It’s on us, bro.

Whether you need a new cage for an old bird, or an old cage for a new bird, or a fancy cage for a middle-aged bird that’s going through some sort of crisis (better than an unexpected sports car sitting in the driveway… right?) you’re going to want to find something well-suited to your particular “intended.” So, give the following list of four items a perusal… and, as always, let us know what you think about our choices!

YML Tall Round 4-Perch Bird Cage with Stand

This is a four-feeder cage, meaning that it’s capable of maintaining four birds at once. The cage itself is sized for small birds, such as parakeets. It provides ample space for them to move up and down between its two separate interior perches; a standard cage would only be between one-half and two-thirds the height of this particular cage. The cage is quick and easy to assemble, and relatively painless to clean; its door opens wide, and its bottom detaches to facilitate complete access to the interior. It comes with a four-wheeled stand for mobility, in case you want to attach a motor and give your parakeets a remote-control ride they’ll never forget (please don’t do that).

Kings Cages Flat Top Aluminum Parrot Cage

This is a high-tech cage that is particular to the coming year, meaning that it involves trends which are only just cresting the horizon. Trends, such as aluminum cage construction: an aluminum cage is lighter than a steel or a wrought iron cage, and it rolls more smoothly as a result. In addition to requiring less effort to move about, this cage can safely be taken out of doors; flaking paint is no longer a concern, and the scattered dust slowly chipping away from a stainless steel powder-coated finish is likewise not a problem anymore.

Yaheetech Play Top Bird Cage

Parrots are naturally curious creatures. They enjoy exploring their surroundings, investigating new items in their cages, and climbing, crawling, and swinging from more or less anything presented to them. With that in mind, one of the popular additions to large bird cages is the outdoor “play top” area, which often includes – as this cage from Yaheetech includes – a ladder, an additional perch, and some feeding bowls. Don’t worry about the mess; unlike many large parrot cages, this particular cage features an expansive debris guard. There are also interior feeding bowls, of course – if you would rather abstain from teaching your bird to expect food up top. This cage is designed for one to two medium-sized birds, or one large bird. Due to its relatively spartan features – such as only one interior perch – we do not, despite its overall size – recommend it for larger numbers of birds, regardless of how small they may be.

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

A “flight cage” is a cage intended to allow a small community of small birds, such as between three and six individuals, plenty of room to fly around within the cage itself. This helps to keep the birds healthy and happy, as it resembles the less restrictive environs in which they evolved. There are a series of three escalating perches within the cage, which your birds can flit quickly between as they so desire. There are also four food dishes included with the cage. The bottom of the cage, and the bottom grill, both slide out to facilitate ready and immediate cleaning of your feathered friends’ debris, and there is a large “main entrance” to help grant complete and unrestricted access to the cage’s interior. If you want to keep a small cadre/company/party/entmoot of feathered companions, this would be an excellent cage to contain them… although we don’t suggest going higher than six with this cage alone. Even that’s pushing it. Four is ideal.

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