How To Guide To Get Your Cat Use The Litter Box

Many cat owners will quickly find that after bringing a new cat or kitten home they aren’t too receptive to using the litter box; at least we learned this upon bringing our new kitten home. With this said, we immediately began looking for solutions to potty training, finding out how to get her to go in the litter, and avoid making a mess all over the home.After running a quick search on Google for: “how to train a cat in 30 days” I found there were a few books about the topic and potty training in general. Within 30 days not only did we get her to go in the litter, but our home smelled cleaner, fresh, and we didn’t have to worry about stepping into accidents upon walking through the front door. These were some tips I found useful, when looking for the best methods of how to train a cat in 30 days.

Use your bathroom

79168075-cat-litter-box-location-632x475Placing the litter box in our bathroom was a great way to start the training process. On day one, I placed the litter box directly nearby to the toilet. It did take a couple of days for her to get used to the location of the litter box, but upon doing so, she immediately knew where to go when she had to use the bathroom. In addition to moving it to the bathroom, I was instructed to raise the litter box’s height, which I did. Eventually we raised the litter box high enough so that it was even with the toilet, which our cat did not have any issues reaching when she had to use the bathroom.

Place a bowl of cat litter in the toilet

pPETNA-1822115_main_t300x300This step I found to be a little odd, but following the online guide advice, I placed a metal bowl into the toilet, which had litter in it. Simply lift the toilet seat, and place a metal bowl which will hang off the inside off the toilet seat. This will serve as a “toilet” for your cat. Once she became familiar with the metal bowl in the toilet, we had to monitor foot placement. This step did take a few days. Our online guide informed use to make sure she placed her feet inside the metal bowl, rather than on the actual toilet seat. Doing this allowed her to understand where she was supposed to go, and where she should be each time she had to use the bathroom.

Remove the metal bowl

Hooded-litter-panThe final step in the training guide informed me to remove the metal bowl from the inside of the toilet. At this point in time the cat was already used to pushing the litter over to cover her own waste, and it wasn’t a difficult transition for her to make once I removed the metal bowl. She knew the feel of the litter, she understood how to balance her body (since I raised the litter box to the toilet’s level), and she knew how to cover her own waste by this point.

At first I found this training technique to be a little awkward and was worried it wouldn’t work. But, after about ten days, I realized she was learning how to balance her body, properly use the litter box, and keep her feet balanced inside the box.

This training technique is a little difficult if you only have one bathroom, but remember, it is only for 30 days. And, it does work.

Not only will your cat learn how to use the litter box, where they are supposed to go, and how to properly cover their waste, it is also going to save quite a bit of money, since you don’t have to pay a professional trainer to assist you in potty training your cat.

Although some cats may be potty trained if you adopt them, as an owner, I quickly realized I was going to have to do the training on my own. I did not know where to begin, so utilizing online resources to search for training methods did help me accomplish the training task.

Although it took a little over 30 days in total it was worth the time, effort, and now when I come home, I know there won’t be any unexpected surprises for me to clean up, since my cat knows how to use the litter box in the corner of the room.

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