The Ideal Instagram Bot replacement for Instagress

In 2017 Instagram launched multiple crackdowns on the use of automated services such as Instagram Bots. This is because Instagram states that the Bots are in breach of its terms of use.

Many Bots became shut down including Instagress which was the leading automated service on the market at the time. This affected many businesses that use Instagram for promotion and marketing purposes seeking a replacement. While there are lots of Bots on the market these people are wary of using them as they are hunting one that is reliable, efficient and safe due to fear of another crackdown.

The Instagram automation services market is still intact with many new Bots launching themselves and competing with the robust ones that survived the Instagram crackdowns.

You can find a list of Instagress alternatives onĀ

The leading Bot on the market

FollowAdder is currently viewed as the best-automated service currently on the market. It operates exclusively on Instagram and cannot be used on other social media platforms. It is believed to be an ideal replacement for Instagress, with some users stating that it delivers more effective results and is easier to use.

It is deemed to be a safe automated service because Follow Adder actually survived the numerous Instagram crackdowns last year.

Some of its main features

It contains all of the main features that most Bots have. These are repetitive engagement features such as following relevant profiles, liking and commenting on their posts. It is actually a few extra features that it has which sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

You can sort the demographics of users you wish to interact with by creating different lists. You can create different lists based on your needs and preference.

It can operate at a slower pace than other Bots which is beneficial as it means Instagram cannot pick up the abnormal activity like other Bots that operate too fast. Follow Adder will operate at a correct speed to build your account and not get found on Instagram.

This Bot has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule multiple posts in advance. This allowance for planning ahead is a time-saving factor. This is done to make your posts look natural and avoid looking like spam which will cause Instagram to investigate your account.

One unique feature that this automated service has is the ability to auto like back which will like the posts of users who like your posts. This increases engagement with users and encourages them to follow your profile.

How much does it cost?

Follow adder has a reasonable pricing structure which offers 5 different options based on your needs. The starter option allows you to manage 1 Instagram profile and costs just $8.33 per month and on the other end of the spectrum, the Publicist option will allow you to manage 25 Instagram profiles and costs $70.33 per month. All of the options include all of the features, allow for free updates and support.

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