KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacuum sealers are irreplaceable kitchen appliances that prolong the shelf life of various food products. There are several terrific models in the world and the KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer is among them. It’s an easy to use, powerful, and efficient machine that should be included in everyone’s kitchen.

Keeps Foods Fresh

First of all, if a vacuum sealer is incapable of keeping food’s fresh then it should not be released to the general public. After all, that’s exactly what they are designed to do. However, the KitchenBoss does more than just keep food products fresh. By properly sealing every single bag, this machine will protect all food items from outside bacteria, freezer burn, and excess oxygen.

Several Ways to Seal

The KitchenBoss accommodates many different ways to seal. For standard purposes, there is the option for automatic vacuum sealing. Most likely, this will end up being the most used option. As one would guess, the machine does all the work. Another option available is the Seal Only function. This comes in handy for resealing bags that have been opened. For example, instead of putting a clothespin on a bag of potato chips the Seal Only function can reseal it. Thus, it’s like opening a new bag of chips every time.

The last two functions are an inching function and an air suction function, respectively. The former is designed to be used as a manual sealer. This gives full control to the user when sealing something delicate. The air suction option allows a hose to be connected to various jars and containers to properly seal them.

Incredibly Powerful

This particular vacuum sealer uses a commercial grade vacuum pump. What this provides is a highly effective motor with a super-strong air function. Thus, sealing can be done efficiently in a matter of seconds.

An Included Warranty

No matter how great an appliance is designed, including a warranty is always a good idea. Great comfort will be taken knowing that the KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer comes with a five-year warranty; which includes technical support and customer service.

Vague Instructions

Unfortunately, the instructions that are included with this model are very vague (and overall disappointing). Before one gets used to the machine, it can be quite difficult to position the bag correctly to get it to properly seal.

The lone downside of below average instructions doesn’t take away from the KitchenBoss’s many sealing functions, power, ease-of-use, and efficiency. For those who want to go a different way, though, check out these other vacuum sealer reviews.

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