Enjoy the Nectar of the Gods

Wine: How — and Why — to Enjoy the Nectar of the Gods

There is a good reason why wine was dubbed “the nectar of the gods.”

Wine is just one of those things that makes life better. Not perfect, perhaps, but certainly more agreeable and easier to live. Consequently, people have been using the beverage to celebrate, toast, and relax with for even longer than there has been written history.

How to figure out wine?

The word “wine” covers an encompassing variety of grapes, countries, tastes, and colors. Where to start, where to start?

Think of wine as being like cars. Do you want a sleek speedy model to take to the beach, or a vintage Rolls Royer to impress the collectors? Or will an old banger with dents and missing paint suffice?

Like so many things in life, understanding wine comes from researching the topic. Even if  only imbibing plonk, it is still important to know the background of the tipple of choice. Age is another factor when it comes to deciding on a wine. Young people – read under 22 and under – will drink whatever is on offer and not be able to tell the difference. The same person many bottles and 20 years on would be embarrassed to be seen drinking wine of their youth.

Where was wine first fermented?

According to The Scientific American, the first wine on record dates back about 9,000 years to a rice and honey concoction found on the shards of pottery in central China.  Alas, it was going to take the Chinese another 5,000 years to get the fermentation process right.

The areas around Georgia and Armenia are credited with being the first wine-makers to use grapes. Some 7,400-year old jars of the brew were found in the Zagros Mountins, which is modern-day Iraq.  Now that is truly aged wine.

When to drink wine?

In the 19th century, Jean Anthime Brillat-Savarin – have to give credit to the French for innovative names — wrote “A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.” The question remains as to whether or not he included breakfast in his statement.

Weekend brunch, however, is a popular meal and time to begin imbibing for the day.

Other plausible reasons for popping a cork include – but are not limited to:

  • It is Tuesday.
  • Somewhere in the world it is 17:00.
  • My uncle just brewed a batch that has come of age.
  • Why not?

How to pick wine

The first and foremost consideration when choosing wine is budget. A downtown wine-o might only be able to scrape together $4.20 for a bottle of sherry. As a fortified wine, it is a higher alcohol content than regular vine which is generally 10 to 14 percent.

A rich wine snob who announces that this particular vintage has “raspberry on the medium-long palate and finishes with a mixture of tannic and a touch of barnyard” will happily drop $500 for a single bottle and think she got a deal.

How to open wine

It is wonderful to have a great bottle of wine, but how do you get the cork out so you can drink it?  Careful here, as the ways to get at the wine – which varies from hammering the cork into the bottle with a wooden spoon to the latest electric corkscrew on the market – as there are diverse and snobby wine tastings.

Time to call in the experts: popacork.net

Given the wide range of corkscrew options from the traditional waiter’s friend to the often-used-in-the-suburbs wings model, people can delete the wooden spoon from their list of viable options.

Why should you drink wine?

It is fun; it leaves you with a floating feeling; it is good for your health.

Even the Mayo Clinic – which is about as reputable a medical source as can be found — advises that a glass or two of wine – red, in particular – helps with digestive and other body processes.

The “one or two glasses” a day suggestion explains why people are now choosing wine glasses that are about the same size as small fish tanks. True die-hard can opt for the wine glasses that hold a whole bottle, which makes it easy to stick to the recommended daily limit of “one to two.”

How to store wine

Outlets often offer a discount when customers buy a dozen or more bottle at a time. This forward planning requires a place to keep it. If you have a custom-made wine cellar in your basement it isn’t hard to store the bottles cork down to be retrieved as needed.

Small apartment dwellers are faced with a challenge. One option is to clean out your closet to free up some space. Really, do need 16 pair of running shoes that you never wear? Or how about that little black dress that will fit perfectly as soon as you shed another 10 to 12 pounds?

Armed with this information, readers are now ready to go forward the imbibe. Cheers.

Client-side Web Development

Client-side Web Development

Web development can be broken down into three parts: client-side scripting, involving the programs that run in the user’s web browser; server-side scripting, which involves everything running on the web server; and database tech, which controls all the server database’s information that supports a website. These three parts, when put together, create your web browsing experience.

Each of these three sections requires knowledge of specific languages. These languages are the code that scripts are written in. While there are “full-stack” developers, many tend to specialize. If you’re looking to learn to code or simply interesting in learning the basics so you can articulate better to those you want to code for you, keep reading.

Client-side scripting

Scripting on the client side includes any code that’s purpose to run within a web browser. These scripts run by enabling your web browser to temporarily download all the mandatory files from the site’s web server. This is what gives you the web page and being downloaded for the moment allows you to view the files with a lost internet connection, so long as you don’t leave the browser. JavaScript is the most commonly used client-side script, but we’ll start off with web design basics.

Web design as a concept includes all things needed to draft and complete the visual part of a website. As far as scripting is concerned, the two languages are HTML and CSS. These two languages give the developer control of the structure and color of the website. If you’re looking for a solid team of web designers, look no further than http://www.thinkbound.com/toronto-web-design/.

HTML or hypertext markup language is the standardized language that gives structure. It also formats the content and page elements that you see when browsing. You can imagine HTML as a frame to the house that is your website, with the content and elements being the walls.

CSS or cascading style sheets is decorations and furnishing in this website-house analogy. This language enables programmers to permanently set patterns, placements, and colors for text, links, and elements. It saves the developer time by permanently setting the look and format for multiple pages. It has the added bonus of being its own separate file as to not interrupt with the HTML.

The two languages create the visual part of your web browsing experience. As technology develops, dynamic web pages have become normal. This takes more expertise on part of the developer as these pages are scripted to work on different browsers and mobile devices. The above however is only one of many layers and once the look is complete it’s time to move under the hood.

JavaScript and its frameworks

At the time of writing, the two most relevant programming languages in client-side scripting are JavaScript and ActionScript. JavaScript is used for various animations, games, apps and other dynamic or interactive online media. ActionScript is the language used for Adobe Flash audio and video. With Adobe Flash begin its phase-out process, we’ll only discuss JavaScript.

JavaScript is used in tandem with HTML and CSS to create interactive and personalized web browsing and app experiences. It’s been around for a while and thankfully for many, has various frameworks available that simply its use.

A JavaScript framework is a library of pre-written JavaScript which exhibits full-stack capabilities and allows for easier development when programming. Frameworks like AngularJS and jQuery enable a developer to do more in less time. This is major for professionals, especially when they’re working on big projects.

Final notes

The above may seem like a ton of information. If so, now you understand why developers specialize. The other two pieces of the puzzle weren’t mentioned. But, now have the gist of what goes into creating a web browsing experience on the client-side. If you plan to become a developer here are a few easy tips.

The basics of the languages can all be found online for free, as are practicing and testing your coding results. You’re a Google search away from everything you need to know about programming languages. Remember to have fun.

Three Simple Tips to Starting a Business

Three Simple Tips to Starting a Business

The internet these days is making everything easier – ordering food, clothes, connecting with long lost family on the other side of the world, and starting a business. Never before has it been easier to get your name and brand out there, market to a mass amount of the demographic you’re aiming for, and grow traffic to your service or product just by clicking the mouse a couple of times.

It’s highly recommended to be on the internet these days with your business – that way you’ll be able to grow it from home, and you’ll have to best chance of reaching the most amount of people. Word of mouth is still valuable but especially when paired with other marketing strategies. Here are three basic tips to starting a business that’ll help you overcome those initial hurdles you may have.

The first simple tip

Starting a business in the age of technology is one of the first things you should do if you’re serious about your business – trademark. Trademarking your name and your logo can potentially save you from legal strife in the future, especially if you’ve come up with a unique idea and you want to build it from grassroots.

With thousands of names and brands floating around the virtual world, the value of intellectual property is high, so it’s best to secure your branding and name right from the start by making sure that nobody else can use it for their business idea. This will protect you from others taking your thoughts and tarnishing them with their copies – it could ruin your reputation as its easy to affiliate one similar brand name with another. Making sure that you’re unique and protected gives your business a great chance.

The second simple tip

Starting up a business is going to put you ahead before you’ve even begun – although you won’t be lacking in healthy competition. Building a secure website that garners attention and traffic is your best chance at starting and maintaining a consistent following of the demographic you’re wanting. This comes down to the age we live in – if you want to be seen and heard, you’ve got to get yourself online.

There will be plenty of competing websites that are unique to your business’s niche, so it’s worth doing your research and figuring out what exactly is working for people so you can give your website the best chance it has. Check out WebFireThemes for an impressive selection of custom built websites that can cater to your needs. Choosing the right website and doing regular maintenance is key to a successful business.

The third and final tip

Starting up a business is just as important as protecting your name and brand – setting up a living will. A living will is like life insurance – it protects you and your property in the event of anything happening. It allows you to determine exactly how your business is managed, and whose hands you would want it to fall into should something happen.

Like a personal will, it gives you control of the operation of things posthumously as well – preventing it getting into the wrong hands, or operated at a level that you had envisioned. You can leave your business and instructions for its operation in your will, but this way more often than not has its complications and legal hoops that make it harder to transfer to the beneficiary than just placing it in a living will.

Final words

It’s an exciting and opportunistic time to be starting up a business and creating something unique and original to you that you’ve always wanted to have time for but never could quite get to it.

It’s always good to do your research and ensure your time invested in starting something up is well spent – it will give you the best chance of success in the long run, allowing more time for profit and focus on what it is exactly the consumer/client is wanting from you. Set your foundations right before you’ve even started, and you have a much higher chance of being successful.

How Do Drones Work?

While drones are one of the hottest new toys for adults and children, they have actually been around for quite some time. These high-tech toys have been used by clean-up crews, security staff, the government and photographers for several years. Their intriguing designs and advanced features makes them far more desirable than a regular remote-control helicopter.

Modern drones are complex machines with a lot of different uses. While there are dozens of different body types, sizes and attachments, most drones have the same components. Most have tiny little engines and powerful turbines that keep the soaring high above the sky. A GPS tracker and flight-control system allow hobbyists to navigate through the skies. High-quality cameras allow people to easily see everything going on in the sky right on their smartphone.

Each of these components uses the latest technology and fits together perfectly. Whether you are planning on building your own custom drone or just want to know more about how this popular hobby works, here is a quick breakdown of each part and the role it plays.


  • Flight-Control System – While this device may sound like a small disc, it actually takes up most of the space on the drone. Each system includes everything you need to fly, from the peripherals t the modem. There are several different varieties of systems based around the type of drone being used. Like any central computer system, these parts can be built from scratch, but most people choose to purchase a kit.
  • Sensors – Making sure the drone is flying correctly is important. Sensors are used to identify potential risks around the drone during flight. Everything the sensors pick up is processed by the flight-control system. While the user does see some sensor data, most of these details aren’t reported or tracked.
  • GPS Tracking – Almost all drones have some form of GPS, even toys. In order to track the movement of the drone, a small GPS chip is included somewhere in the design. The technology enables several features, but it is mostly used by the flight-control system to see how high the drone is off the ground.
  • Receiver – In order for the drone to receive commands from an external controller, a receiver needs to be included in the design. The receiver is tuned to a specific frequency so that it can communicate with the remote control. Range can very quiet a bit, but sophisticated systems can allow drones to be miles away from their controller. Most toys use short-range frequencies, similar to a walkie talkie. Advanced hobbyists may work towards achieving a farther range, but they should be prepared to pay the price.
  • Transmitter – This is the part the hobbyist is using to control the drone. Most toy drones use a small plastic controller with simple commands. Higher-end models may turn the user’s smartphone into a transmitter. There are several different ways to set this system up, depending on how you want to control the device.
  • Electric Motor – While gas-powered motors aren’t unheard of, especially in larger drones, most toys and household drones keep it simple. Small electric motors power the drone and keep everything moving while in flight. When not in use, simply turn off the drone and attach it to a charging device. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of different choices when it comes to drone motors, each one offering different amounts of power and range.


While there are many other components to drones, such as bases, propellers, and casing, the key features custom drone makers are worried about are listed above.


Build from Scratch or Just Buy?

People who are trying to get into the hobby should look for a complete kit or a cool drone like the one at http://www.rotorcopters.com/traxxas-latrax-alias/. There are several small components of a drone and the cost of building from scratch can quickly add up. Knowing a little more about how your new drone works will allow you to make custom upgrades later.

Drones can be a great hobby for people of all ages. Whether you are trying find an interesting way to spend the day or want to show off to your friends, knowing the inner workings of your drone can help make it happen.

happy life

Simple Tips For Leading A Happier Life

Simple Tips For Leading A Happier Life

How do you gauge your fulfillment levels? Is it when you have all the material resources at your disposal or when you feel loved and appreciated? People’s needs vary from one individual to other depending on exposure and upbringing. However, the need compassion cuts across people of all walks of life. Irrespective of age, no one can live in isolation because humans are interdependent. Many people just dream of leading a happy life, but they never realize this dream. The problem with such people is that search for happiness in the wrong places. The following are simple tips for leading an enviable life.

Choose to be happy

You do not work towards happiness, but you choose to be happy. When you wake up with self-defeating thoughts on a daily basis, you will never be happy. Telling yourself and believing that you will never amount to anything or compare yourself to your friends denies you the joy of enjoying the present moments. Your past may have been hard, but all that is history and what matters is the future. Change your mentality and have a positive attitude and everything else will fall into place. Remember that you cannot change the past, but you have the chance to shape your future.

Treat your pet with dignity

Sometimes, you find yourself isolated from humanity due to trust issues. It is at those moments that most people realize how spending time with their pets can be fulfilling. You should show your pet some love and be compassionate. You do not have to lock your dog in its cage the whole day and deny it the joy of living. Buy him or her a good play pen such as those at Pet Stuff Guide to keep his or her moods in check. Take an evening stroll with your pet and let him or her enjoy a fresh breeze once in a while.

Surround yourself with the right people

The type of people you interact with determines the kind of life you will lead. When you have friends who tell that you are below average, you will never realize your full potential. Interact with those people who challenge you to be a better version of yourself and drop those who want to pull you down. You can also pick a mentor and learn a thing or two from him or her. Never bow down to pressure to do something that is against your instincts or beliefs.

Invest in yourself 

It is common for people to worry so much about others that they forget about themselves. It is true that making an impact on other people’s lives is fulfilling but remember that leading a happy life starts with self-love. Take that new hobby or attend the training you have always desired because happiness starts with you. It is meaningless to make other people happy while you still whine and hate every bit of your life. You should know the difference between being selfish and exercising self-love. If you dream of something that does not hurt others, go for it and make your life worth living.

Enjoy life

Some people stress so much about the future and forget to live the current moments. Even though most specialists insist on the need to invest in the future, it is also worth remembering that you have only one life to live. It does not, however, mean that you should lead a reckless life, but you should be able to enjoy it. Take a vacation once in a while, join a local team or even participate in sports in your locality. There is no point in being so rigid with your life because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Know your limits

Some of the biggest disappointments in life arise when people are not aware of their strengths and weaknesses. You can always set goals and lay your expectations when you truly understand your capabilities. You can always seek help from others when faced with things that are beyond your scope. If you know you cannot work well under pressure, you will be able to plan or delegate your tasks accordingly. You have to accept your current situation and work towards improving those areas that you can.

Leading a happy and fulfilling life is not that hard as long as you understand what you want in life. It is the small and most neglected things that matter most in life. Sometimes people look for fulfillment and happiness in the wrong places without them knowing. Follow the above tips, and you will note the difference.

Handling “Big” Content in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Many companies consider writing to be a tough job. It becomes a bigger challenge when you have to integrate the keywords in the article without interrupting the flow while ensuring that you aren’t spamming as per the rules set down by Google.

Content comes in various types, ranging from 100 word product descriptions to 5000-word blog articles. At the end of the day, each content should deliver the objective it sets out to achieve – whether to inform, market or answer a question. Content remains king regardless of how dynamic the web is. When you handle your content smartly, you have a big chance of dominating search-engine results pages.

One of the hardest and most unique content is “big” content. This refers to articles that extent 5000 words and more. Such content takes time and concentration. Let us look at how you can write these articles effortlessly.

Why Long Content?

The first question that flashes across your mind is “is long content necessary?” In this age where skimming through short content is the norm, most people still hunger for knowledge. If you have a target group that can read the info, why not go for it? Let us look at other reasons that make long content ideal.

You Enjoy Better Ranking

Studies show that the longer the article the better the ranking, especially if you optimize it to the max. Take time and enter a search phrase in any search engine, you find that the returned results feature long articles in the top ten results. These articles are not only long, but highly informative as well. Hint: Don’t limit your information, offer full information regardless of how many words you have to write.

The Information is Highly Relevant

Imagine writing a 200 word article on a research topic on one hand and writing a 5000-word article on the same topic on the other hand. Truth be told, you have a higher chance of writing and doing more research when handling the long article. Remember, an in-depth article commands a deeper authority when it comes to a topic as compared to a shorter article especially for shorter keywords.

How Can You Nail It?

Now that you know that bigger is better, we need to help you come up with the big content. Apart from performing extensive research, here are some tips to help you out.


    1. Know Your Keywords

Since big content costs more to produce, you need keywords with a high ROI. Focus on broad and mid-tail keywords that translate into a higher search volume and results into more traffic.

Find keywords that translate into more visitors to your site. This is vital because it dictates the number of actual visitors you might get.

    1. Understand the Strength of Your Competition

The success you enjoy from your content marketing strategy depends partly on the quality of content of your competitor. Part of the reason your content stands out is because what your competitors generate isn’t as strong as what you produce. You can start off by analyzing the top ten results of the keywords you target. Use any of the available analysis tools to get the results.

Apart from this analysis, you can also read content written by your competitor and compare it to your content.

    1. Consider the Decision Level

If your goal is to achieve conversion, you need to target call-to-action words such as shop, buy, discount, purchase, and many more. Customers that are looking for a discount will enter such queries to get to your landing page.  Other keywords such as review and compare are ideal for customers looking for more information on a certain product.

    1. Choose a Format

You have several formats to choose from when coming up with the best content. You can have it in form of an infographic, listicle, thought piece, tips, or a guide. Choose the format depending on your needs and available time.


    1. Automate the Process

One way to write the article fast is by use of automation tools that make work easier. Writing a 5000-word article isn’t a joke. Spintax Content helps you come up with various articles from an original piece while retaining the meaning. This makes it easier and faster for you.

The Bottom-line

You will come across various article formats when implementing your content marketing strategy. One of the biggest challenges companies face is creating “big” articles that extend over 5000 words. However, with the right approach and innovative tools, you can come up with these articles within no time at all.

Selecting the Most Ideal Online Badge Maker

Badges have a lot of importance in any company or institution because they aid in the easy identification of employees.  Getting the right badge maker can be challenging, but with patience and thorough research, you can get a convenient company that can allow you to request for the badges online. The online badge makers ensure that you get badges promptly. Making your badges online is also cheaper because you will not spend a lot of money traveling.  A significant number of people decide to make their badges, but this is costly. Badge making machines are expensive, and the software used during the process is expensive. You will also require spending an extra amount of money on training your employees on processes involved.

Badges can be expensive, and you should always ensure that the company printing uses the highest quality plastic to ensure that they are durable.  PVC is outstanding in making proper badges, and you should always insist on having this material used for your badges. The printing machines that the company uses have an impact on the markers. Always ensure that the firm has the most modern equipment to make outstanding cards that distinguish your employees from the other.  A company that has modern machines can engrave your business logo on the badges, and this contributes in selling your brand to a bigger number of people.

Badges are basically for identification purposes, and you should have bold badges to ensure that your employees are recognised quickly in your company.  Badges will look better if the manufacturer produces badges that are the size of a credit card.  These cards should have the right information about your business.  The company making your cards should be reputable and have the right experience to ensure that you get professional cards for your workers

Online badge making is convenient, and the only requirement is to have a reliable internet connection. Companies making the badges have functional websites where you can log in and chose the type of cards you want. There are numerous templates that you can choose from to ensure that the badges are authentic.  If you already have a particular design for the cards online badge makers can use the design to give you custom made cards that suit your preferences.  These companies have online applications that can assist you to create your badges to meet your needs.  The online applications do not charge you an added cost, and they are consistent.

After choosing the template for your cards they are made faster and before the processor ships them you are given a chance of logging into the company website and preview the items to ensure they are satisfactory. If the cards are not what you want you are supposed to send an adjustment request to make sure that they are customized to your preference, and this link can guide you.  Artwork is the first process, and then the final processing follows, most of the errors occur during processing, and you are always encouraged to ensure that you have a preview.

High-definition machines are imperative during printing to ensure that cards are high quality. The traditional printers are limiting because they print cards that have invisible writings that are not readable. When you are looking for an online company to make the badges, you should ensure that you have reliable information about their equipment. The best way to learn about the company is by reading testimonials from their website. If a company has numerous negative reviews, you should avoid hiring the company for your cards.

Card makers will rely on the information and photos that you provide about your company and you should always make sure that you have provided the right information.  The photos should have the right size and format that the processor requests.  The rules governing printing of badges are stringent, and you should comply by giving honest information. Most manufacturers are keen, and they will notice if you give false information and fail to print your cards. If the processor fails to make your cards on fraudulence grounds, they do not refund your money.  After cancelling your orders, the badge maker can report you to higher authorities, and you can face charges in a court of law.

Badge makers are fast in service delivery, and you will have your cards 24 hours after placing the order.  There are so many courier services that deliver parcels across the world, and the card processors can use the most consistent company to ship your badges to the destination that you want.  If the items are urgent, you can opt for express shipping which takes 1-3 days.  Standard shipping can be cheaper, but you will have to wait for a whole week to have your items.  To have great cards, you should send photos that have a high resolution with the most appropriate height and width.  Most printers will accept JPEG format for images to give you great cards. You can also view some of the cards that companies have on the website to be confident that the company can deliver the highest standard items for your company employees at an affordable price.

Link Building and Link Indexing for the Modern Website

So, you’ve finally crossed over the final frontier and made your business a website. It’s new. It’s shiny. It’s bright and appeals to your specific demographic, drawing them in with great start up deals, coupons, and easy explanations about what it is you can do for them. But it’s also a little fish in big waters. No, a tiny fish. A microscopic one. Because you’ve entered the big grand canyon crevices of the internet, where new websites popping up are a dime a dozen. And everybody is wanting to get recognised on the internet. Even being in the top 1000 searches on Google would be something, a far cry from where you’re at right now. How on earth are you supposed to compete with giant companies who have all but monopolised the internet game, paying Google hundreds of thousands to secure their spot at the top of the search engine? There are some important things to remember to do when putting your website out there for everybody to see.

So there’s this thing called link building. It’s pretty essential in this age of the internet, when you’re literally drowning in the competition. Link Building is the process of getting external pages – like this article – to link to a page on your website, so that when somebody clicks on this article, for example, and reads about what your website has to offer, they can then be directed straight to you without having to go through the trouble of googling you themselves. The more a website uses link building as a growth tool, the more traffic they can potentially get through to their website. It’s essential in this climate and can definitely help to grow that shiny new website of yours.

Now, there’s something even slightly more important than investing in link-building to ensure the success of your site. There’s another thing called link indexing, but before we get into that we have to briefly mention crawling – bear with me here it gets easier I promise. Crawling is when Google sends its bot to check out your website, recognises you have a working url, goes over your content and includes it in a non-public index (Google index). Indexing is going a step further and including the page in a PUBLIC index so that your domain will appear on a public domain. This now means that when people read an article and click on the link to go to your website, your website is now registered on a public search engine and is much more likely to be picked up by the general public.

That wasn’t so complicated was it? While it sounds technical and possibly confusing, which it can be, there is help out there for those of us that aren’t super technical when it comes to the internet. There are ways you can get around doing the heavy lifting yourself. You can use a link indexing guide to hold your hand through the process and make sure it’s done thoroughly and correctly. Once they have attempted to explain to you in layman’s terms everything that is involved in the process, they will gently take this technical confusion off your hands and make sure that all the links to your website are now indexed, so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on potential traffic to your website, or being registered on a public search engine that ensures people will be able to see you when they are searching keywords related to your site.

Remember, automating many of your online business processes can really help you achieve success, growth and traffic to your website. It’s faster and a lot more efficient than you doing it yourself – and realistically because you’re running a business, you definitely don’t have the time to sit around and ensure things like your backlinks are indexed by Google – you’ve got the brick and mortar side of things to worry about. 2017 is a year of internet automation, and strong companies building this kind of software so that it is affordable and accessible to people like you and me that are just trying to drive traffic to our websites and make sure our online investments were worth it. Using the internet to your advantage will save you a lot of time and money, freeing you up to work on the things that really matter.

What You Need to Know About Motor Traders Insurance

Motor traders insurance, also known as traders insurance, ensures that companies and their employees are covered when working or driving in their clients’ vehicles or those owned by the company.

Usually, the most critical aspect of this sort of cover is its flexibility. If you’re operating a garage, for example, it may be used by any employee—even a new one—to drive any client’s vehicle.

In addition, the policy can protect the business against any unintended damage or other issues that stem from mechanics fixing a vehicle.

Even if your business doesn’t usually drive clients’ cars—if you operate a mobile tyre replacement business, for example—you might need some sort of trade cover.

What’s covered in motor traders insurance?

Motor traders insurance policies are usually customized to the specific requirements of a business, so it’s worth considering what kind of activities and risks you really want to be insured. This will help you avoid any surprises in case your claim is deemed uninsured and therefore rejected. It also ensures that you aren’t paying for insurance you actually don’t need.

Here are some common aspects that are usually covered by motor traders insurance.

Road risk

If you take cars to the public road, you need to get road risk insurance. This might be true if your employees are delivering vehicles to buyers, or you operate a mechanics service and you have to take vehicles out to inspect faults. If your service doesn’t need vehicles to be taken on highways, you should consider parts-only policy, which is far more basic.

Just like standard motor insurance, you may go for road risk policy which is third party, third party fire & theft, or comprehensive.

Employer’s liability insurance protects your service from claims by your employees—you need this if you’ve got staff no matter if they’re driving or not.

Public liability insurance covers you as well as your staff against claims by members of the public or customers. If you run your business from a building that clients visit, then you must provide them with a safe environment. If a customer trips over and gets hurt, this policy provides cover should he/she decide to seek compensation.

Product liability insurance protects your business if you install a new component in a client’s vehicle, but the component then becomes defective.

Material damage cover covers any equipment or vehicles you own. For instance, if you operate a motor dealership, this means your unsold cars are insured. This insurance can automatically rise in value in the peak registration periods of March and September.

Combined motor traders insurance covers your business for things like road risk and equipment as well as your premises. It can be inexpensive to go for this kind of cover instead of several separate covers, but make sure it insures all of the vital parts of your service to an adequate level.

Extra drivers—for plenty of businesses, it’s vital that their motor traders insurance covers all their employees. But choosing an “any driver” cover could be more costly than restricting cover to only a few employees, or naming insured drivers in the policy.

Vehicle types—if you’re looking for insurance that covers your employees who drive vehicles like HGVs, vans, or cars, it could be far more expensive. Ensure that your policy covers only the vehicles you drive.

Who needs motor traders insurance?

In addition to the types of business mentioned earlier, you may need motor traders insurance if you run a car valeting company, a scrap yard, a repossession company, or a vehicle-restoring business. Generally, if your customers’ vehicles or your own vehicles are under the care, control, or custody of your employees, you’ll need this kind of policy in some form.

Keep in mind as well that it’s not only limited companies that require motor traders insurance. If you have your own business but are still responsible for other folks’ cars, it’s important that you have a proper policy in place.

In some cases, clients’ own policies might cover other drivers, although on a third party basis instead of comprehensive. Even though this has been quite a common theme in the motor insurance industry previously, it’s now highly unlikely to happen. Therefore, it’s vital that motor trade businesses arrange their own sort of cover.

May the Best Gaming Mouse Win

When it comes to a gaming mouse, they are not all created equal. Some are expensive but don’t perform as expected. Some are cheap but perform surprisingly well. Some have bells and whistles that you don’t need, and some don’t have enough. It’s time to meander your way through the land of the gaming mouse, so let’s go to some gaming mouse reviews.

The gaming mouse has come a long way since it began.


Questions about gaming mice are similar to the ones you ask yourself when buying other products, like cars, microwaves, or air conditioners. It can be all about the technology, or all about the look, or something in between. The choice often comes down to a personal one—what you can afford, or what it can do for you as far as gaming goes.

What are you looking for in a gaming mouse?

Is it speed? Sensitivity? Features?

How well does it fit your hand? Is it comfortable? Is it personal enough?

The word “personal” may seem odd here, but you’d be surprised at how intimate and intricate the mouse-buying process can be.

How many side buttons do you want? Do you even like side buttons?

Laser or optical?

The optic lens may be the best because of its response rate, but the laser can have higher DPI.

Do you want wired or wireless? Is your hand too large? The mouse too small?

Are looks important to you? Some gamers love RGB lights on their mice, and some don’t.

You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to know what you like, and knowing what factors to look for is the first step in owning the perfect gaming mouse.


Where you purchase your mouse is perhaps the most important factor when mouse-hunting. Don’t buy from a dollar store when you should be browsing Amazon.com, Newegg.com, or BestBuy.com. If you’re after a generic toothpaste, that may be fine. But when it comes to a gaming mouse, a little discretion is called for. Don’t expect a lot from a $5 mouse.

Near the top of the list of gaming mice, or the very top in some circles, is Zowie. Both casual and competitive gamers love Zowie. They have great sensors and are all about accuracy and comfort, with ergonomic designs. Their most popular is an optical mouse, 1000 pulling rate, at  up to 16,000 DPI. Zowie also has mice in different sizes to fit any hand. They have mice for right-handers, like the EC Series. And the FK Series and ZA Series for the ambidextrous. You can visit their link for comparison shopping.

Razer is a second great mouse brand. They have wired mice, like the Mamba Tournament Edition, DeathAdder Elite, and Abyssus V2. And their wireless includes Lancehead and the Mamba. They have dual wired/wireless choices too, with a DPI of 8200. Visit their site to compare and contrast.

SteelSeries.  This brand has been around for a long time, and is known for consistent quality and innovative concepts. They also offer a lot of accessories. But let’s stick to the mouse. This brand offers mice at affordable prices, like $39 for a basic, and goes up from there. They also have a handy, at-a-glance comparison chart of specs and features to help you find the mouse that is right for you. Check out the chart at their site: https://steelseries.com/gaming-mice

A niche brand is ROCCAT. In a market dominated by the aforementioned brands, this one holds its own, and pushes the envelope with popular design and comfort. They can be a little pricey, but sometimes value is in the hand of the beholder. Er, gamer.

Can a Gaming Mouse Make you a Better Gamer?

If you’re a hardcore gamer, yes, but it has to be the right mouse.  If you don’t have a good sensor, you’re going to be at a disadvantage. A mouse that doesn’t fit right in your hand is going to hurt your performance.  A casual gamer wouldn’t need a great mouse, just a good one. If you’re a serious gamer, you have to shop around. Make your mouse a priority, next to the game and your system of course. The next item to focus on might be the right mouse pad, but that’s for another article.

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